In partnership with MILC Global and Welt der Wunder

Straightforward and accessible licensing for
film & TV productions

Enabling production companies to grow by removing geographical barriers, increasing efficiency and building long term credibility and trust.

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Raising money for media productions is slow and inefficient

Production companies experience difficulty accessing capital, accessing countries and markets, and there is a lack of transparency for investors.

ILO Media was established in partnership with MILC Global and Welt der Wunder to solve these problems and more using cutting-edge legal and technology frameworks.

ILOCX MEDIA - Global Framework

Global Frameworks

The ILO framework grants access to global markets, so productions can easily access capital.

ILOCX MEDIA - Discover


Backers and fans can easily find, fund and discover new and exciting production opportunities.

ILOCX MEDIA - Networking


ILO + MILC enable networking like never before, offering producers the opportunity to interact directly with fans.

ILOCX MEDIA - Direct Funding

Direct Funding

Productions receive direct funding from license sales, in real-time, as they occur. This allows for faster access to capital.


Royalties on Revenue

Productions pays out royalties based on revenue, before buying back licenses at the end of the set period.

ILOCX MEDIA - Qualification


Fans share their purchase on social media. This helps spread word of the production, and enables producers to determine audience interest.


Interact directly with fans and potential backers

Our platform offers producers the opportunity to interact directly with fans and potential backers. This allows for streamlined evaluation of early script drafts, casting proposals, and trailers.

The ILO structure increases exposure and spreads the word, so producers can ensure a production will be a success. Qualifications help to spread word of the production, and allow buyers to be rewarded for their participation.

About Us


ILOCX run the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange, where buyers can back companies and receive a portion of their sales. Using the ILOCX framework, ILO Media is set to revolutionize production fundraising.

Media Industry Licensing Content (MILC) Program

MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content) are at the forefront of the content trading disruption, enabling faster, fairer, more profitable, and completely transparent content trading for creators, buyers, and distributors.

MILC is leveraging blockchain technologies and AI to bring tokenization and a host of other streamlined services to the media industry.
Media Industry Licensing Content (MILC) Program
Welt de Wunder

Welt de Wunder

Founded in 1996, Welt der Wunder has 25 Years of experience in the Media Industry and is established as a high quality info- and edutainment production and broadcasting company.

The network currently boasts 15 million monthly viewers via TV broadcasting, 5-10 million monthly viewers online and a content library valued by Ernst & Young
at €48,000,000.